salsa sound Live Sound Redefined

Using just the standard broadcast microphone setup the Salsa Sound™ patented system uses artificial intelligence methods to automatically mix and enhance the on-pitch sounds generating a more engaging and immersive sound.

Salsa Sound

Live sports audio redefined: Salsa's patented DSP solution dramatically improves the sound when watching live sports on TV while simplifying & assisting the mixing process for sound supervisors

cinematic sound for live sports broadcast

intelligent tracking and enhancement of on-pitch sounds means that Salsa can dramatically improve the quality of broadcast sport audio on all devices.

step inside the sound

Using any standard microphone configuration Salsa automatically tracks and identifies on-pitch sounds and creates an augmented sound experience putting the viewer in the game as never before

object-based audio ready

salsa is ready for the newest object-based audio broadcast formats


salsa already works using short-term audio objects, every kick, header and whistle blow is defined by coordinate location on the pitch and can be transmitted for object-based broadcast

Premium Quality Audio

Salsa’s unique DSP algorithm uses existing pitch-side microphone feeds to track sound events on the pitch, even ball kicks that can’t be heard on the microphones are captured – no video or other tracking required. It uses this information to enhance on-pitch sounds bringing unique clarity to the mix. Salsa works natively in object-based audio creating an incredible mix for both current and future audio broadcast formats regardless of viewing device.

Working natively in object-based audio Salsa Sound can also provide real-time sound event location data, see here for details.

“It’s like you are kicking every ball yourself”

“SALSA really opens up the crowd sound, this is what surround sound is meant to be like”

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Resolution: Next-generation audio for live sports broadcast

Audio objects and personalisation: Salsa Sound’s Dr. Ben Shirley describes a unique automated tool to extract audio event content and location.

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Resolution: Sports Special, Dennis Baxter

….Salsa’s algorithm is capable of detecting ball kicks that are virtually inaudible on the microphone feeds and is more reliable at recognizing sound events than our ears….

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SVG Europe IBC2017

“What we are doing is specifically addressing an ongoing —and, until now, unsolved — challenge faced by object-based formats, such as Atmos, MPEG-H, and DTS-X,” he explains. “The object-based paradigm requires new approaches to audio production, and, until now, there have been no automated tools to extract objects either in terms of the content or the location.”

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SVG Europe

Using any microphone configuration, SALSA automatically tracks and identifies on-pitch sounds, controls mixing console fader movements, and creates what is described as an “augmented sound experience”. The result, it is said, is that SALSA can automatically devise an immersive mix for both conventional linear and non-linear broadcast, and for more sophisticated object-based distribution…

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Broadcast Bridge

SALSA Initiative Looks To Automate Live Audio Mixing Process

At NAB 2016, SALSA was demonstrated as part of a complete outside broadcast production workflow, from capture to reproduction. SALSA-identified objects were shown being extracted from the mix by the 3DAW system in Fairlight’s EVO.Live mixing console, and packaged into a linear MDA bitstream for contribution over SDI.

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Broadcast Beat

Fairlight has collaborated DTS.Inc. and the University of Salford to develop a new approach to assist sound engineers with live sports productions. The Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio (SALSA) solution is a real-time automated mixing process that identifies the location of specific sound events from a grid of pitch microphones. The algorithm, developed by the University of Salford, identifies the …

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