SALSA’s core algorithm for locating on-pitch sounds from a football game came out of the 3.5 years EU funded research project FascinatE.

The FascinatE project involved a group of 11 partners from across Europe. FascinatE stands for: Format-Agnostic SCript-based INterAcTive Experience and looked at broadcasting live events to give the viewer a more interactive experience no matter what device they are using the view the broadcast.
On the FascinatE project University of Salford’s Acoustics Research Centre was responsible for much of the audio development work, especially audio capture from live events. In order to create a truly interactive experience for viewers we adopted an object-based audio approach to the work. Extracting audio objects from a complex sound scene at a football game was something of a challenge, and one that two of the FascinatE team, Ben Shirley and Rob Oldfield, have continued to work on since the FascinatE project completed in 2013.

FascinatE team setting up equipment for 8K panoramic video and object-based audio capture. Stamford Bridge, 2010

FascinatE won The Engineer 2011 award for Consumer Technology, you can read about the award, and the first mention of commercialising what became SALSA here.