NAB 2016 gave us an opportunity to showcase SALSA’s latest developments – one of the issues we kept running up against was that even when SALSA was detecting ball kicks and headers, and getting accurate positioning for each event, some of these events were still not audible on the mic feeds from the pitch.

SALSA was better at hearing on-pitch sounds than our ears!

We wanted sports viewers to be able to hear every kick we were detecting so we worked on a solution. By NAB2016, as well as automating live mixing consoles, SALSA could now enhance the on-pitch sounds with pre-produced content. So for every ball kick we detect we pull out data about every aspect of it, if the detected on-pitch sound is at too low a level it is then enhanced using pre-produced audio.

Even we were surprised at how good it sounded. Next steps were to fine tune our detection algorithms so as to extract the most possible information about every sound so that every kick could be enhanced and made audible for broadcast. We also needed to record every possible type of ball kick, header, goalkeeper save possible to train oyur software and to create matches for every sound we detected.

Here’s a news item from the show about our combined demo with DTS, in this demo SALSA was running as a software add-on on a Fairlight live console.


Fairlight, DTS and the University of Salford Collaborate To Automate Live Audio Mixing Process