Tuesday 5 December 2017

(Reblog from University of Salford)

A NEWLY-FORMED spin out company at the University of Salford has won an award for best new technology in the broadcast industry.

Salsa Sound Ltd creates innovations in television sound for live sports, potentially revolutionising the way we experience live broadcasts.

The exciting technology won 79% of the vote at a Dragon’s Den tech pitch at the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) Business Awards.

Co-founder and Director Rob Oldfield presented Salsa Sound’s live sport broadcast solution, scoring a hat-trick for ‘quality, efficiency and data’.

Puts viewer ‘in the game’

The technology developed at the University’s Acoustic Research Centre uses patented signal processing algorithms to automatically mix and enhance the sound of live events to put the TV viewer ‘in the game’ as never before.

Dr Oldfield, who works alongside Dr Ben Shirley said: “Television sound is equally important as the pictures and our technology will allow for a much improved experience for the consumer.

“As a fledgling company we are obviously delighted to be already winning awards voted for by some of the key players in the broadcast industry.”

The Salsa Sound team are hoping to see the technology made available for the World Cup in Russia in June 2018.