vCROWD – Virtual crowd solution for games behind closed doors


Games behind closed doors present a new and significant challenge for teams and broadcasters to retain player performance and fan engagement even in the absence of crowd sound. We have addressed this with the creation of our vCROWD system which allows the real-time control/creation of a virtual crowd sound to perfectly match the action on the pitch.


A vCROWD operator, creates the crowd atmosphere in real-time to accurately match the action on the field of play. The operator can be in the stadium or a remote location (monitoring the game on video feed) and controls crowd sound using the intuitive touch screen interface. This sound can be played out for broadcast or live into the stadium bowl with pitch facing loudspeakers to help boost home team advantage.

The operator uses a trackpad to vary the mood of the virtual crowd controlling excitement (from ‘generic’ to ‘very excited’), applause and even boos and whistles. One-off sounds like goals, cheers, jeers and club specific chants can also be triggered. All  sounds are from genuine crowd recordings. Multiple loops are seamlessly layered leading to a very realistic and adaptable crowd sound that can respond in real-time to every on-field event. Playout supports stereo, B-format or binaural for fully immersive content.




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  • Intuitive real-time control of a convincing virtual crowd sound for broadcast or in-stadium that responds to on-pitch action
  • Custom in-stadium sound for your team with signature chants etc. to help boost home team advantage.
  • Multi-touch interface controls multiple intelligently curated and layered sound loops with a single gesture
  • Infinite number of loop combinations means the same sound is never heard more than once.
  • Triggers for sample sounds of e.g. goal cheer, chants & other sounds corresponding to key on-pitch events (different samples each time for a varied/life-like sound)
  • Masks player expletives on the pitch
  • Deployed on a Windows touchscreen device (other platforms on request), with USB audio interface.
  • Supports, stereo, binaural and B-format outputs
  • Can be used in conjunction with our AI-driven automatic pitch sound mixer so full match (pitch sounds and crowd sound) can be controlled a single person.