**NEWS** Salsa in the press, Sports Video Group Europe article here    Salsa Sound's Rob Oldfield will be presenting our IBC conference paper, 'ENHANCED NEXT GENERATION AUDIO FOR LIVE SPORTS BROADCAST ' on Monday at IBC 2017.     **NEWS** Salsa Sound Ltd will be at IBC2017, stand 10.A42 http://bit.ly/ibc17salsa    @salsa_sound's Rob Oldfield speaking at the #BoSC17 breakout session - innovation through engineering.     *NEWS: Salsa Sound's Rob Oldfield to discuss next generation audio in sport at SVG Europe Football Production Summit in Munich 22nd March*    *NEWS: Salsa Sound wins Royal Academy of Engineering award*
salsa sound the future of live sports audio

salsa: Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio

the future of live sports audio: The salsa DSP solution dramatically improves the sound when watching live sports on TV while simplifying & assisting the mixing process for sound supervisors

cinematic sound for live sports broadcast

intelligent tracking and enhancement of on-pitch sounds means that salsa can dramatically improve the quality of broadcast sport audio

step inside the sound

Using any standard microphone configuration SALSA automatically tracks and identifies on-pitch sounds, controls mixing console fader movements and creates an augmented sound experience that puts the viewer in the game as never before

object-based audio ready

salsa is ready for the newest object-based audio broadcast formats


salsa already works using short-term audio objects, every kick, header and whistle blow is defined by coordinate location on the pitch and can be transmitted for object-based broadcast

UHD sound for UHD picture

SALSA’s unique DSP algorithm uses existing pitch-side microphone feeds to track sound events on the pitch, even ball kicks that can’t be heard on the microphones are captured – no video or other tracking required. It can use this information to control faders on a mixing console or can augment the mix with pre-produced audio bringing unique clarity to the mix. SALSA works natively in object-based audio creating an incredible mix for both current and future audio broadcast formats.

“It’s like you are kicking every ball yourself”

“SALSA really opens up the crowd sound, this is what surround sound is meant to be like”

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Real time data capture

SALSA captures real-time data on ball kicks, headers, whistle blows throughout the game. No need for video or other tracking. SALSA accurately locates the position of on-pitch sounds to within around 0.5m and can output the data in real-time data for content navigation. Find every important event instantly.

Every free kick, penalty, corner etc is tagged with location metadata making fast and easy navigation for replays and highlight packages.

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SVG Europe IBC2017

“What we are doing is specifically addressing an ongoing —and, until now, unsolved — challenge faced by object-based formats, such as Atmos, MPEG-H, and DTS-X,” he explains. “The object-based paradigm requires new approaches to audio production, and, until now, there have been no automated tools to extract objects either in terms of the content or the location.”

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SVG Europe


Using any microphone configuration, SALSA automatically tracks and identifies on-pitch sounds, controls mixing console fader movements, and creates what is described as an “augmented sound experience”. The result, it is said, is that SALSA can automatically devise an immersive mix for both conventional linear and non-linear broadcast, and for more sophisticated object-based distribution…

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Broadcast Bridge


SALSA Initiative Looks To Automate Live Audio Mixing Process

At NAB 2016, SALSA was demonstrated as part of a complete outside broadcast production workflow, from capture to reproduction. SALSA-identified objects were shown being extracted from the mix by the 3DAW system in Fairlight’s EVO.Live mixing console, and packaged into a linear MDA bitstream for contribution over SDI.

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Broadcast Beat


Fairlight has collaborated DTS.Inc. and the University of Salford to develop a new approach to assist sound engineers with live sports productions. The Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio (SALSA) solution is a real-time automated mixing process that identifies the location of specific sound events from a grid of pitch microphones. The algorithm, developed by the University of Salford, identifies the …

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Latest news and updates on SALSA

IBC 2017

IBC 2017, Amsterdam Many  thanks all of you who visited us on our stand at IBC 2017 last month, it was a great show for us and we look forward to following up with you all over the coming weeks. One of our highlights was Rob Oldfield's presentation on Advances in...
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BVExpo 28th Feb – 2nd March

    As ever February brings BVE and an opportunity to catch up with colleagues ad friends in the broadcast industry and find out about the latest tech developments. Ben and Rob from Salsa Sound will be at BVE on Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March...
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Salsa Sound wins Royal Academy of Engineering Award

This week saw the announcement of some terrific news for Salsa. The Royal Academy of Engineering awarded Rob Oldfield of Salsa Sound an Enterprise Fellowship Award. The prestigious Enterprise Fellowships scheme forms part of the Academy’s commitment to stimulate...
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IBC 2016: SALSA Hardware

So far SALSA had been running either as software on a standard computer, or as an add-on to a mixing console (Fairlight Quantum & 3DAW) creating a real-time live audio mix for live football. We needed to make a hardware, rack mount box that could be installed in...
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SALSA in Vegas: NAB2016

NAB 2016 gave us an opportunity to showcase SALSA's latest developments - one of the issues we kept running up against was that even when SALSA was detecting ball kicks and headers, and getting accurate positioning for each event, some of these events were still not...
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SALSA at IBC2015

After presenting a paper on our work in San Jose, California at the IEEE international conference on Multimedia and Expo Workshops we took the opportunity to visit DTS, just down the road from the conference in Los Gatos. After a fascinating discussion around the...
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SALSA Research: Live Sports Audio

Taking our FascinatE work as a starting point as we decided to focus on live football to begin with, other sports would follow we were sure but football presents unique challenges to the sound supervisor and was an ideal first sport to try. As part of our research...
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SALSA Origins

SALSA's core algorithm for locating on-pitch sounds from a football game came out of the 3.5 years EU funded research project FascinatE. The FascinatE project involved a group of 11 partners from across Europe. FascinatE stands for: Format-Agnostic SCript-based...
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